About Us

For over 30 years, For Kids Only Afterschool has provided high-quality out-of-school time programming to school-age children

Deborah Kneeland Keegan and Constance Grayson founded For Kids Only Afterschool (FKO) in 1984 when they recognized a need for organized activities afterschool, when many students spent the out-of-school time hours home alone. The foundation for FKO was set, and together they began an afterschool program housed at a local school.

FKO offers pioneering solutions to families, schools and communities who seek academic, fun and engaging learning and enrichment opportunities for their children beyond the normal school day. From a single program serving five youth to comprehensive multi-city afterschool and summer programming for over 1,300 students each year, FKO responds to an ever-increasing demand for quality services that maximize learning during the out-of-school time hours.

The mission of For Kids Only Afterschool (FKO) is to provide year-round afterschool and summer services that meet the needs of children and their families through academic, social and cultural opportunities that promote learning and self-esteem necessary for life-long success.

With this tremendous evolution, FKO now operates 16 school-based sites and 2 independent facilities, partnering with six school districts in: Chelsea, Everett, Peabody, Revere, Salem and Winthrop.  FKO built the capacity to serve all children and youth who would benefit from learning and enrichment beyond the school day. With a tremendous staff dedicated to the belief that every child can learn and thrive in our programs, including: those with disabilities or special needs, who are English language learners or from newcomer populations, are from low-income households, or have other factors that place them at risk of academic failure. We offer comprehensive services to educate the whole child and ensure that every student is equally welcomed and supported at FKO.