Our Mission

The mission of For Kids Only Afterschool (FKO) is to provide year-round out-of-school time services that meet the needs of children and their families through academic, social and cultural opportunities that promote learning and self-esteem necessary for life-long success.

FKO’s year-round programming provides children with learning experiences after school, during school vacation weeks and throughout the summer months.  Our major focus is to boost the academic, social, emotional and physical development of the growing school-age child.

Core Values

Core ValuesAt FKO, we offer children and youth, 5 to 14 years of age: enriching, fun, and engaging educational and social opportunities in an out of school time environment – all while their parents work, search for work or pursue education. Each day brings a chance to explore new ideas, learn collaboratively with peers, and acquire new skills.  We welcome all students, especially those in need of academic enrichment, increased socialization or positive relationship building.

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Partnering with Schools

FKO programs have extensive experience working with diverse groups of students, including those who are low-income, English Language Learners, academically at-risk, or socially isolated.  Suitable for students at all levels, FKO’s curriculum is individualized for each school to target the needs of its population.

Our past successes demonstrate how enthusiasm and triumphs realized in afterschool and out-of-school time environments can transfer into school, social and academic achievement.  Our programs complement school-day learning with daily homework instruction and hands-on enrichment classes aligned with Common Core Standards.  A variety of experiential learning opportunities bring essential school subjects (e.g. math, reading, and writing) to life in fun, engaging ways.

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Community Collaboration

FKO is grateful to have the support of the public school systems, school committee members, school faculty, and public officials of the communities in which we are located. Collaboration is a key component in the ability of our programs to effectively enhance students’ academic and social development and meet their individual needs.

Count Me In!

FKO is firmly committed to an inclusive approach to out-of-school time programming. Inclusive programming not only ensures that children with special learning needs have access to enrichment, but also helps all children to develop essential life skills, tolerance and respect for others.

FKO distinguishes itself from most other north shore out-of-school time providers by being able to successfully include all children in high-quality afterschool programming, including English Language Learners, newcomers, children with disabilities or special needs and those who have severe behavioral challenges.

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