Core Values

At FKO, we offer children and youth, 5 to 14 years of age: enriching, fun, and engaging educational and social opportunities in an out of school time environment – all while their parents work, search for work or pursue education. Each day brings a chance to explore new ideas, learn collaboratively with peers, and acquire new skills.  We welcome students of all skill levels and especially those who need our outstanding academic enrichment, more opportunities for socialization or positive relationship building.

To enable success we follow these Five Core Values:

1. Year-Round Connections:

Afterschool programming starts from the moment the bell rings until 6:00pm to support families and engage students in opportunities that builds on school day learning. FKO’s full-day programs support the goals of partnering school districts by providing continuous learning during school vacation weeks and the summer months. FKO closes only 16 weekdays each year for holidays and professional development to have the greatest impact on children and support working families.

2. Welcoming and Positive Environment:

FKO’s learning environment includes: skilled educators that love working with children; comfortable and child-friendly spaces; and a strength-based philosophy that the best learning experience results from encouraging a child’s natural curiosity and building on their skills and interests. Children have access to safe, welcoming environments that children and parents want to return to day after day, year after year. Through FKO’s school partnerships, children have access to valuable school resources, including libraries, computer labs, gymnasiums, and more.

3. Academic Support:

FKO’s daily academic support and hands-on learning activities expands on and complements learning presented during the school day in innovative, fun and engaging ways. With programs housed in school facilities, a full-time, experienced and Degreed Director available year-round and onsite during school hours, school day teachers and FKO educators work daily on joint program planning and strategies to boost student achievement.

4. Financial Help for the Neediest Children:

FKO strives to ensure that services are available to help the most vulnerable, underserved populations. To support struggling families, FKO secures public and private resources to provide financial assistance on a sliding fee scale and partners with schools to open public school resources to families during non-school hours.

5. Support for the Whole Child:

With a strong emphasis on social-emotional development, children at FKO learn to set and achieve goals, recognize and manage their emotions, appreciate the perspective of others, maintain positive relationships, and develop essential problem-solving skills. With a full-time Director of Family and Child Services and Inclusion Specialists available as needed, no other afterschool and summer program in the area can provide a similar focus on both social-emotional and academic learning that fosters development of the whole child.