Count Me In!


FKO’s Model of Inclusion

Executive Director Deborah Kneeland holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and worked as a certified Special Education teacher. Adjustment Counselor Katie Tufts holds an M.Ed in School Counseling, has experience as a licensed inclusion teacher for the public schools, and worked for the Northeast ARC as an Applied Behavior Analyst. Under their leadership, FKO policies and practices safeguard all children’s ability to fully participate in programming.

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Our Model of Inclusion follows these two key guidelines:

Positive Behavior Guidance (PBG)

A positive, strength-based approach to guiding children’s behavior by focusing on the prevention and reduction of negative actions. PBG helps FKO educators manage programs by providing and maintaining a welcoming, engaging, fun environment for all children enrolled. Educators guide children using a positive attitude and by consistently setting age appropriate limits that align with partnering school’s rules and codes of conduct. PBG draws on theories and techniques that are designed to promote positive social, emotional and academic outcomes for young people.

Count Me In! Afterschool Inclusion Initiative

In recent years, FKO has seen a significant increase in the number of children with disabilities and special needs seeking Afterschool programming. Count Me In! is FKO’s Afterschool inclusion initiative specifically to boost participation of and learning opportunities for students with Individual Education Plans, 504 Plans and/or emotional and behavioral challenges. FKO successfully enrolls children from all backgrounds, including those diagnosed with disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder and many other special learning needs. In 2013, no child was refused services or expelled from any FKO program due to disabilities or behavioral challenges.

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